Mosaic Association is a Pennsylvania registered corporation formed in 2009. Often Armani, has been asked where did she come up with the name  "MOSAIC"??  Her response..., “I plan to do a lot of amazing things and be in all sorts of direction, conforming to no real order, so when I needed a name for the company, I wanted something that adequately represented what the company would be about!”. “MOSAIC” “a random compilation of many unlike parts which by their self have very limited worth and beauty but when brought together form a dazzlingly and amazing display! Because Each “MOSAIC” is unique, it is also priceless and impossible to duplicate!


And with that in mind, MOSAIC association was formed and would act as the parent company for the many endeavors she would later indulge in.


To date MOSAIC ASSOCIATION has 4 subsidiaries who are all independently registered companies but act in concert with the mission of its founder.  "TO CREATE AN UNIQUE AND DAZZLINGLY FORCE NEVER SEEN BEFORE AND THAT CAN NEVER BE DUPLICATED."




A full service music "solution" offering management, promotion, distribution and marketing in all aspects of the music industry.  From signing new independent artist to booking and promoting world reknown award winning artist, Mosaic Entertainment House offers more than just label services it aligns you with stars.



The newly formed film company, 2014, offers production services for any level, from the small budget reality series to the mega budget Movie deal, MOSAIC FILMZ has the resources to transform your vision onto the big screen.



Internet Radio station formed by MOSAIC to allow for the exposure and circulation of MOSAIC TIED artist music.  art of the IHEART radio roster, artist can hear their music being played in the midst of JAY-Z, KANYE and many more.



Formed to help artist not signed to MOSAIC protect themselves in the music industry world.