Formed in 2009, by Armani Iman, Mosaic has been a moving force within and behind the Philadelphia Entertainment scene. Award winning artist such as Jagged Edge, Carl Thomas, Silk, Lil Kim & KRS-ONE (just to name a few) have all performed live and partied hard at a MOSAIC event. Specializing in event promotion and marketing, “SOLD OUT SHOWS” is one of the many goals and accomplishments that MOSAIC proudly and easily achieve.

Striving to do more and set higher goals is the force that drives MOSAIC forward so in 2012 MOSAIC decided to throw its hat into an entirely different ring, by forming MOORE THAN ENTERTAINMENT and undertaking the professional management of many independent artist including JESSICK FLETCH AKA JAYE FLETCH a Philadelphia based HIP HOP Powerhouse and R&B sensation DONNIE VOCALS. Earning MOSAIC a seat at the "music industry" table.

"The music industry is a whole different animal, if you are not careful you will either fail miserably immediately or fail miserably eventually." Armani Iman-Swag Magazine interview 2013


Refusing the fail and virtually stack the deck in her favor, Armani decided to decided to take it one step further and form an independent music label MOSAIC ENTERTAINMENT HOUSE.   That well planned moved basically catapulted her to the head of the Philadelphia Music Scene.  Now she could make music, distribute music and promote the music at the concerts she created.  Putting her artist on the same stage as some of the industry greats such as Raheem Davaughn, Jon B, Special Ed, MC Shan and many more.

 The completely self funded independent MOSAIC immediately became the most sought after affiliation in the independent music world.  Often heard saying "It takes money to make money", Armani Iman is known for personally investing in her artist and shows, sometimes completely funding an entire project by herself.  When asked why should would risk her money like that she once replied, "Its only a risk if you don't win, MOSAIC wins!"